Email marketing

The MTarget platform offers the complete functionality for sending professional newsletters. The interface is simple and intuitive and several customizable templates are available.

In a few clicks you can:

  1. Select a template corresponding to your message
  2. Customize your email and save it
  3. Select the user base to contact
  4. Send and share content even on social networks

The templates and the email editor are designed respecting the different regulations in force and this guarantees a high delivery rate.


1. Choose a template or upload your HTML code

You can choose between different options:

  • Create your email campaign from scratch thanks to the email editor, which will allow you to write your text and add images and links.

  • Choose a template among the many available models and customize the newsletter with your colors for a quick and effective campaign.

  • Upload your HTML directly to our interface for instant integration.

2. Import your customer base

Directly upload your contact database, importing all necessary elements:

  • surname
  • first name
  • date of birth
  • etc.

You can customize the message with all the variables of your choice without restrictions.


3. Analyze

  • See the statistics in real time
  • Download reports with detailed statistics
  • Monitor the click rate on URL
  • Check the unsubscribed rate
  • Export bounces to no longer target them

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